Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Went wild in the aisles!

I went wild in the aisles on ebay and found some little gems.
These are the first two items that have arrived!
The dress was £20
The shoes £10

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Miss BBW International

This is the dream, I have wanted to apply for the last two years but sadly life got in the way!
At the end of this year, I will have completed my degree course and fingers crossed be settled in a good job. After all that, I have made the discussion that I will definitely be applying for Miss BBW International 2014.
I have a year to beautify myself!
I wish all the luck in the world for the contestant this year!

Holiday swimwear!

So, I am very excited as it is only a few more weeks now until I head off on holiday. I have started buying holiday clothes including some new swimwear.

This is a lovely leopard print swimsuit which I adore, I think it gives me a good shape. Available from Littlewoods, click here

I have also bought some cover-ups. I love that the are both so comfortable and floaty and lovely! The skirt has a slit for the Angelina Jolie pose!
Top click here
Skirt click here

The Beth Ditto leggings!

The leggings are here, and I love them! They look so much better than what I expected! :D

Best Plus Size Models

Read this great article I ready today about plus-sized models. Mentioned some of my favorite models, including my fave of all of them, Velvet d'Amour! Article click here!

Monday, 3 June 2013

Love eBay

Over the years I have collected many of my wardrobe gems from eBay.When the Beth Ditto collection was available in Evans, money was really tight so I could not justify spending out on that amazing domino dress or anything else. I have been searching on eBay to get that dress in my size but it hasn't cropped up yet at a price I am willing to pay. I am very excited as I have just won these leggings.... for £7.50!

I can't wait for it to come in the post!

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Bra Fitting

The following video is from plus size model Georgina Horne.
She also has her own blog which I love reading Fuller Figure Fuller Bust
This video is about finding a bra that fits and the different types of bras.
Hope you find it as useful as I found it!


So this is my lovely new zebra top which I adore.
It is from Littlewoods So Fabulous range, there is another version of this available from Evans as a t-shirt in the Clements Ribeiro range for the same price. I chose this as it is a light jumper rather than a t-shirt.
Jeans I bought from ebay.
Sandals from Evans.

The Big bang!

So this is the start. I have been thinking for a while about starting about a blog and so here it is.

Over the years, I have been consumed with my appearance and how others view me thinking I need to be thinner to be more beautiful. It is probably one of those things where you get older and you get to the point where you just don't care what people think about you. All you want is to be happy with yourself, so that is now my mission in life.

I am happy and proud being a plus sized woman and feel that there is no shame, no need to cover up or wearing hideous clothes so no one notices me, I am too big to not be noticed! I am to loose a little bit of weight to be healthy but in no way do I want to drop below a UK dress size 16.

This blog will be just a documentation of my journey to improve my style and to find lots of lovely clothes and accessories to make me feel pretty!